Driver Assist Technology

The technological improvements assisting drivers to ensure their safety and the safety of their passengers have advanced incrementally over the last few years. Gone are the worries about windshield water buildup or headlight beam adjustments that take the driver's concentration away from the road. Technology advances included in the Ford Escape reduce driver distractions.

With the Driver-activated rain-sensing windshield wipers and the automatic high-beam headlights, the Ford Escape reduces the distractions that a driver experiences while traveling down the road. No longer does the driver need to monitor rain buildup on the windshield, the sensors do that for you. No longer does the driver need to adjust to high-beam and then to dim and then back again while driving, the sensors do that for you.

To find the Ford Escape package that enhances your driving experience, visit Ourisman Ford & Lincoln in Alexandria. Discover the comfort of the modern driving experience; you will be happy you did.

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