Don't Ignore That Squeaking Sound: The Importance of Your Brake Pads

"Screech." If that's the sound that your brakes are making when you come to a stop sign, then it's probably time to take your vehicle in to have the brakes inspected and have the pads and possibly the rotors replaced. That screeching sound isn't our favorite noise to hear, but it's helpful to know why your car is making that noise.

You see, your brake pads serve as a buffer between the caliper that presses against the rotors and the rotors themselves. Without this buffer, you hear a screech or squeak sound, because the calipers are pressing against the rotors. To avoid the squeaking or screeching noise, you need to replace your brake pads before they have completely worn through.

If your interested in learning more about your brake system, come to Ourisman Ford & Lincoln in Alexandria, and we'll be happy to do an inspection on your brakes and discuss your options with you.

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