The Ford Taurus Capably Performs

The Ford Taurus remains one of the best-selling full-sized sedans in the country secondary to their spacious interiors and reliable service. Although designed for comfort, the vehicles are also created to perform. The latest models are available in Alexandria to enable potential buyers the chance to see all of the Ford Taurus' features.

A six-speed transmission comes standard on the Taurus. The vehicles also come standard with a 3.5-liter engine. However, when desiring more get up and go, choose a Taurus with the 3.5-liter boosted V6 engine. While the standard engine supplies 288 horsepower, the upgraded version delivers 365 horses.

The all-wheel-drive system features front and rear sensors that monitor traction levels. They help determine which wheels might need more gripping power to prevent slipping and sliding. The new Ford Taurus also comes with a wide selection of technological features designed for safety and entertainment. See the vehicles at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln and test one on the road.

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