There Are a Number of Convenience Features To Discover In The 2019 Ford Escape

There are a number of ways that a vehicle can provide value to drivers. For some drivers, the value may come in the form of fuel efficiency while others may see more value in a vehicle's capability. If convenience is high on your value meter, then the 2019 Ford Escape is a compact SUV that deserves a closer look.

There are a number of features available with the Ford Escape that provides convenience for drivers. For instance, as soon as you put the gear selector in reverse, you'll be greeted by an image of what's behind you. The rear camera automatically activates when backing up slowly making the process safer.

Another feature that you'll discover after arriving at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln also has to do with operating the vehicle in reverse. If you get to close to an object or person while backing up, then you will automatically get alerted with a series of beeps. The closer that you get, the faster the beeps will occur.

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