Why You Should Keep Your Car Washed

Here at Ourisman Ford & Lincoln, our team tries to help Alexandria, VA drivers keep their cars in good shape. Washing your car on a regular basis is important because it extends the lifespan of your vehicle, and it can also help protect its trade-in value.

There are a few guidelines to follow that can help you decide if your car needs to be washed once per week or a few times a month. You may need to wash your car once a week if it has heavy, frequent bug splatter and bird droppings. If you have a long commute or park under a tree, then you may want to give your car a good wash once a week.

Washing your car once or twice a month may be suitable if you live in an area with mild weather and park your vehicle in the garage most of the time. It's also a good idea to wash your car a few times each month if you live near a beach or coast. The salt in the air can cause the finish to rust.

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