When it comes to getting things done with a vehicle, nothing really beats having a pickup truck. Whatever the task may be, having a truck makes working in and around Alexandria, VA easier. The 2019 Ford Super Duty hopes to be the pickup truck of choice by including an impressive feature set.

Power to haul is at the heart of the 2019 Super Duty. When it comes to conventional towing, nothing bests the Super Duty. This year's model achieves a best in class rating with a maximum tow weight of 21,000 pounds. A frame constructed of 95 percent high strength steel, workhorse axle, and improved suspension and drivetrain makes this possible.

The 2019 Ford Super Duty also comes with class-exclusive adaptive steering. This feature adjusts the steering ratio based on vehicle speed and automatically adapts to various driving situations. Whether making low-speed maneuvers or cruising down the highway, this feature has you covered.

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