The Ford Fusion Energi has Technology

The Ford Fusion Energi quickly gained recognition among vehicle owners who prefer a hybrid that provides the ultimate fuel savings while protecting the environment. But, the plug-in also comes with a number of technological features to ensure comfort and convenience. See the newest models at our Alexandria, VA Ourisman Ford & Lincoln location. Take a Fusion Energi for a test drive.

The Ford Fusion Energi comes standard with automatic high beam headlights. When a vehicle approaches from the opposite direction, the lights switch to low beam without having to intervene. When roadways are especially dark, the lights switch to high beam to ensure visibility.

The driver's instrument panel features a smart guide that helps save even more power. Modify the screen to see the information you need in real-time. The braking coach monitors the driver's habits and signals when corrections might be more beneficial. At a glance, the display provides power usage information based on acceleration rates.

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